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Helping Seniors Move Forward

Forward Moving has the expertise and special touch it takes to relocate seniors. With our care, understanding and experience we have relocated thousands of seniors in West Chester, Exton, Downingtown and all over the Philadelphia Region. Our entire staff, from our movers, drivers, managers, sales consultants and owners all have experience relocating and consulting for seniors and their family members involved with the process. We take provide in helping seniors move FORWARD in their lives by creating a customized moving plan with them and their families.

Senior Moving Services
Senior Relocation Assistance

Our Unique Approach

Moving is stressful and overwhelming for anyone, but can be exceptionally taxing on seniors and aging individuals that are accustomed to being on top of their affairs, or even moving themselves. None of us are getting any younger and the growing senior population needs assistance in all things moving, whether that is downsizing, moving into assisted living or senior care center, getting rid of items, packing items or temporary or in-transit storage, we handle it all!

We have a unique approach to advising and consulting with seniors. The Senior customer is assigned to one of our move consultants who will help the senior customer with every step of the process, from the estimating process, to advising, all the way to ensuring the senior is settled into the new place and everything is unpacked.

Moving In/Out of a Senior Facility? We Offer a 5% Discount!

Senior Moving Services We Offer

We offer a gamut of services to our senior customers, a one stop shop for all things moving;

  1. ESTIMATING: We provide onsite estimate and or virtual or over the phone estimate. That we email to the customer and or family member or caretaker.
  2. MOVE CONSULTANT: Each customer is provided a dedicated move consultant throughout the entirety of the move process. We consult and advise on the best way to execute the move and the timing of how it needs to be done. We are here every step of this stressful process to support and advise our senior customers. Sometimes the customer doesn’t always understand the best order of operations. We can advise on what to get rid of or declutter.
  3. PACKING: We offer the complete service of packing, either the entire home or partial packing. We can pack closets, dishes, lamps, pictures, TVs, Wall Pictures etc.
  4. REMOVAL: Remove, discard or donation of items. We assist in the removal process or the delivery of items to family members homes during downsizing.
  5. IN TRANSIT STORAGE: We will pick up your items, pad and wrap everything for shipment, load the items, bring them back to our in-transit storage facility while we leave everything wrapped up so it is protected and kept clean. Then we store the items as long as you need them stored and then deliver everything to your new residents whenever you are ready to move in.
Senior Moving and Relocation Company

Moving can be a stressful and overwhelming undertaking, especially for the elderly population. Our goal here at Forward Moving is to use our skill set to make the transition as seamless as possible. We take pride in our profession and are here to help. We take tremendous pride in helping people and the community move FORWARD in their lives.

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Moving from Florida to Pennsylvania can be a big change in anyone's life! But with the right preparation and great moving partners like Forward Moving on your side, it is an exciting moment!

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Discount & Promotion Terms & Conditions.
Discounts apply only to local moving (within a 50 mile radius) and do not apply to long distance moves or interstate moves. All Jobs are subject to a minimum of 6 hours or at least $1500.00. Discounts do not apply during the months of May thru September... Any storage promotion or discount only applies with a minimum of 3 months of storage or more and a minimum of $500.00 per month is storage cost. Discounts will be added at the discretion of the company and rights are reserved by Forward Moving LLC. From time to time in its sole discretion, Forward Moving may offer promotions or discounts. Any promotion or discount codes must be provided to Provider upon purchase of the Services. Customer will not be entitled to a subsequent credit for such promotions or discounts if not requested at the time of account creation or change of Service. Promotions and/or discounts may not be used cumulatively or be used for Services retroactively.

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