Packing Materials

Below Are Some of the Packing Materials We Provide for Moving & Storage

(Please inqure about prices)

  • Moving Pads, Blankets (purchase)
  • Used Pads, Blankets (purchase)
  • Paper Furniture Pad
  • Bubble Wrap (150 Feet)
  • Packing Paper Per (150 Sheets)
  • Wrap Box
  • Wrap (per Roll)
  • Tape (per Roll)
  • Small Box
  • Medium Box
  • Large Box
  • Extra Large Boxes
  • Used Boxes
  • Wardrobe Box (Purchase to own)
  • Used Wardrobe Boxes (purchase)
  • New Wardrobe Rental Box (rented)
  • Table Lamp Box
  • Floor/standing Lamp Box
  • Mattress and/or Box Spring Bag (twin)
  • Mattress and/or Box Spring Bag (queen)
  • Mattress and/or Box Spring Bag (king)
  • Mattress and/or Spring Bag (full)
  • Small TV Box (purchase or rental)
  • Medium TV Box (purchase or rental)
  • Large TV Box (purchase or rental)
  • 2 Piece TV or Picture Box (large) (purchase or rental)
  • Small Mirror/Picture/Art Box (purchase or rental)
  • Medium Mirror/Picture/Art Box (purchase or rental)
  • Large Mirror/Picture/Art Box (purchase or rental)
  • Plastic Carpet Shield
  • C-bin Crate Box
  • C-bin (rental Box)

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