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Forward Moving LLC offers Storage-in-transit and long term storage for all customers. Our storage is designed to work for our clients that have multiple settlement dates and can’t get into their new places immediately. If you are selling your home and then traveling or renovating part of your home and need items picked up, stored temporarily and then delivered to your home when the renovation is finished, we are the storage solution for you! Whether you are storing for a week or a month we have the storage solution you need! We prorate our storage to the day. Our In-transit storage is designed for you to have us pick up everything, store it and then deliver it when you are ready. We are not designed to be a self-storage facility that you can access at all times and drop items off and pick up items at your leisure. If you need to access your storage frequently, self storage may be a better option for you. We ask that if you have to access your items you notify us before and make an appointment. If this is the storage solution you are looking for please let us know!

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Convenient Long-Term Storage

The beauty of our services is that you can call us, have us pick up the items to be stored and then delivered to you when ready. You don’t have to reserve a storage unit or find a truck. Just call us to pick the items up and call us when you want it delivered! All our storage is prorated to the date of move in and date of move out. It is prorated to the day! You will not pay for an entire month when you only need a week. You don’t have to reserve a storage unit or find a truck. Just call us to pick the items up and call us when you want it delivered!”

All items are professionally vaulted in our storage vaults and kept in a climate controlled, professionally secured warehouse on site.



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Moving from Florida to Pennsylvania can be a big change in anyone's life! But with the right preparation and great moving partners like Forward Moving on your side, it is an exciting moment!

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Discount & Promotion Terms & Conditions.
Discounts apply only to local moving (within a 50 mile radius) and do not apply to long distance moves or interstate moves. All Jobs are subject to a minimum of 6 hours or at least $1500.00. Discounts do not apply during the months of May thru September... Any storage promotion or discount only applies with a minimum of 3 months of storage or more and a minimum of $500.00 per month is storage cost. Discounts will be added at the discretion of the company and rights are reserved by Forward Moving LLC. From time to time in its sole discretion, Forward Moving may offer promotions or discounts. Any promotion or discount codes must be provided to Provider upon purchase of the Services. Customer will not be entitled to a subsequent credit for such promotions or discounts if not requested at the time of account creation or change of Service. Promotions and/or discounts may not be used cumulatively or be used for Services retroactively.

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