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Springfield is a Township located in Delaware County, PA. It is also a suburb of Philadelphia and located 10 miles west of the city.

The area was first settled by the Quakers that came with William Penn. It was recognized as a government entity in 1686. By the 19th century, Springfield was more industrialized. Many mills were build along the creek during this time with owners such as William Fell, Samuel Pancoast, and William Beatty.

In the past century, the farmland was slowly bought up by developers which lead to the suburban Springfield we know today. The largest development was the Stoney Creek Development.

Springfield, PA Moving Company and Junk Removal

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Whether you’re looking to move around a few pieces of furniture that you can’t lift alone, or moving Springfield homes and need heavy lifting, our removal services are unmatched. Our Springfield full service & professional junk removal service includes full cleanouts and hazardous suits for the safety of our employees and clients.

We are your go-to for all your household Springfield junk removal needs. We have up-front estimates and provide the best service around.

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Moving from Florida to Pennsylvania can be a big change in anyone's life! But with the right preparation and great moving partners like Forward Moving on your side, it is an exciting moment!

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