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Pottstown is located in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. The first establishment in the area was done by European settlers in 1714. In 1815, it became the second borough in Pennsylvania. The economic growth in the area increased after 1838 when the town was connected by railroad to the Philadelphia & Reading Railroad mainline. It is possible to visit historic locations like the Pottsgrove Manor and the Colebrookedale Railroad that represent what is one of the oldest towns in Pennsylvania.

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Whether you’re looking to move around a few pieces of furniture that you can’t lift alone, or moving Pottstown homes and need heavy lifting, our removal services are unmatched. Our Pottstown full service & professional storage removal service includes full cleanouts and hazardous suits for the safety of our employees and clients.

We are your go-to for all your household Pottstown storage removal needs. We have up-front estimates and provide the best service around.

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Moving from Florida to Pennsylvania can be a big change in anyone's life! But with the right preparation and great moving partners like Forward Moving on your side, it is an exciting moment!

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