Step 1:

The most important part of preparing to move out of your family room is the small items that can become a hazard when moving. This can include pictures, decorative pieces, remotes, etc. Small items are easy to pack into a box or two and this creates for an easier move for you, the customer.

Small items are the first to be forgotten about, but if boxed away the small items have become a big item that is both easier to move and remember. By boxing and packing up the small items in the family room, you are making the process more efficient and providing better security for your items.

Step 2:

Cords can be another issue when moving out of a home. Televisions are a delicate piece that we treat with the utmost of care, but a floor with loose cords can create a hazardous moving environment. It is best to pack away all cords into boxes and make certain that they are included in the move.

Cords can be easily misplaced if not packed away properly in a box of other items in the family room.

Step 3:

It is best to do a scan of the furniture before beginning the moving process to identify any hazardous pieces of furniture that could use extra support or care to a particular area of the piece. An example would be a table with a wobbly leg. We can properly support the leg of the table to provide its safe transportation, but only if it is identified as a hazardous piece. Our team is committed to being friendly and observational, so we will identify any problem areas on the furniture as well to bring them to your attention.

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