Whether you are moving across the country or around the corner, every move is unique and complicated in its own way. As you start to prepare for your upcoming move, Forward Moving is here to help you with all aspects of it – including packing, storage, heavy lifting and more.

From packing assistance to moving storage between homes, our team can help you get settled in Downingtown, PA or wherever you are moving to. There is no distance too close or too far for us to help with. If you are preparing for an upcoming move and looking for Downingtown movers, here are a few tips to get you started. And when you are ready, give our team of professional movers a call for a free estimate.

1. Start Early

When it comes to moving, the early bird truly does catch the worm. Start by listing out everything you need to do and work backward from your moving day. We suggest reaching out to a moving company as soon as possible to ensure you are fully prepared and have a clear understanding of what you need to do in preparation.

Make sure you take the time to organize things like utilities, changing your address and other small tasks that can make a big difference in your move.

2. Declutter

Any time you move is a great chance to go through your belongings and declutter items you do not want to bring with you to your new house. Start with one room at a time – this can help make a potentially overwhelming task feel more manageable! The best part: The less stuff you have to move, the more cost-effective your move will be!

A pre-move declutter helps lighten the load and gives you a fresh start when it is time to get settled into your new home.

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3. Prepare for the Unpredictable

At Forward Moving, we strive to make our client’s moving days as stress-free as possible. However, we understand that moving – whether it is long-distance moves or a local move – can be complicated, which sometimes leads to unexpected situations. The best way to prepare is to think ahead and anticipate what could potentially happen.

From bad weather to traffic, unexpected things can happen. That is why it is important to work with a local moving company you can trust, like Forward Moving. With our extensive experience, we have seen everything and can help you navigate whatever happens on moving day. We will also help you come up with a backup plan before the move so we are prepared for whatever comes our way.

4. Hire a reliable local moving company

As you search for local moving companies, it is important to remember that who you work with matters. Not all moving services are structured the same or have the same level of service that our team at Forward Moving offers.

You will want to check the moving company’s reputation on sites like Google or Yelp to confirm they have provided a great moving experience to previous customers, too. Also, make sure they are licensed and insured so that if anything goes wrong during the move, you know you and your belongings are covered.

Hiring a top-ranked Downingtown, PA, moving company like Forward Moving means you are placing your trust in an experienced, reliable, and customer-focused team that truly wants your move to be a positive and stress-free experience.

Contact us today for a free and transparent estimate about your upcoming move.

5. Get Expert Packing Help

From purchasing supplies to organizing everything, packing is a time-consuming task and not everybody has the time or the patience for it. Our team at Forward Moving can assist with packing everything up and getting you prepared for your upcoming long-distance move. We have high-quality packing materials, and with our years of experience, we know how to pack efficiently and protect your items effectively.

As a full-service moving company, packing is a crucial service we offer to make your moving day as simple and efficient as possible, giving you more time back in your life to prepare for this big life change.

5. Unload and Settle In

Once the movers arrive and load everything up, it is time to get settled into your new home. When we reach your new home, our professional Forward Moving team will quickly and efficiently start unloading your items.

We will carefully unload all of your boxes and furniture, placing them in the correctly labeled rooms of your new home. This is where being prepared and packing correctly can help the process go smoothly as we unload in each room.

This is a great time to start organizing your new home and begin unpacking so you can start enjoying your new space. We also offer moving storage in case you realize you need a place to store some belongings in the meantime.

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Your Trusted Local Moving Company | Forward Movers | Exton, PA

Having the best move is all about preparation and organization. At Forward Moving, we are here to help with local moves, long-distance moves and everything in between.

As you search for moving companies, remember that you want someone who will be your partner in the process to help move you forward. Reach out to our team at Forward Moving if you have any questions or if there is any way we can help make your move more successful.

As a full-service moving company, we do it all. Some of our services include:

  • Moving services
  • Packing services
  • Storage facilities
  • Furniture removal
  • Senior moving
  • Loading and unloading services
  • Commercial office movers
  • Apartment moving

We are here to make your move from Downingtown, PA, or anywhere else, an enjoyable, stress-free experience. Contact us today for a free estimate and get moving Forward!

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