Are you about to move and are not quite sure where to start? From the excitement of a fresh start to the overwhelming chaos of packing and getting settled into your new home, we get it.

At Forward Moving, our moving, storage and packing services can be your one-stop shop for all your moving needs. With over 15 years in business and a 4.9 rating on Google, we take pride in making the entire process of moving and packing stress free.

If you are ready to get started on your next move, here are some tips and tricks for packing and moving so you can make your moving process enjoyable.

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Planning for a Smooth Move

Moving is daunting even for the most experienced customer. But, when you start preparing ahead of time and hire with the right local movers, you can make your move a success.

Here are a few ways we suggest packing and preparing for your move.

Understand your moving needs

Think about the scale of your move. Is it across the city or are you coordinating a long-distance move? Consider how many things you own and the time frame you have. The sooner you get started the better. Reach out to our team to get a no-obligation quote and get your questions answered.

Creating a moving checklist

Lists are lifesavers! You can start a moving checklist to track step by step what needs to be done in preparation for your move. We can help you kickstart a moving checklist after an initial call to understand what your moving process will look like.

Hire a local moving company

Working with the right movers can make all the difference. Our team of professional movers at Forward Moving is here to help you save money, offer quality service and support all your moving and storage needs.

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Packing Strategies for Efficiency and Protection

Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of moving — packing. While packing is the most tedious of the moving process, doing it right can make your move go exactly as planned. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prep for your packing process.

Sorting and decluttering

Moving is the perfect time to declutter and go through your belongings. You will lighten the load when your moving day comes and save money in the process by having less things to carry into your new home.

Essential packing supplies

Boxes, bubble wrap, packing tape, and markers – these are a few of our favorite things! You need the right supplies to get the packing done correctly. The good news is that Forward Moving sells high quality packing materials so you do not have to overpay with online vendors.

Work with local movers to help with packing

Forward Moving offers full and partial packing services to fit your specific packing needs. If you do not want to lift a finger, our team can help you pack everything up to get you ready for your moving day. If you just need a little bit of help, give us a call or contact us to learn more about our partial packing services.

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Finding the Best Moving Companies

Who you work with matters! You want to find movers you can trust and rely on when your moving day comes. At Forward Moving, we know a thing or two about being the best local moving company and want to ensure you know what to look out for.

Researching and comparing options

When you are looking for the best local moving companies, you want to take your time to research and make sure you are hiring movers you can trust.

You can start by searching for moving and packing companies in your local area. Do not just stick to the first few results that show up, though. Sometimes, smaller local moving companies can be a better fit for your specific needs.

You will also want to confirm they offer the moving services you need. Some might specialize in long-distance moves, while others could be experts in local or international relocations. Make sure that the services they offer fit with what your needs are.

Reading reviews and testimonials

When reading reviews, go deeper than just the ratings. Some detailed reviews can offer insights into the company’s quality, care in handling belongings, customer service responsiveness, and resolution of any issues.

At Forward Moving, we are proud to have nearly 400 Google Reviews with a 4.9-star rating. You can feel free to check those out and see the level of service and read about the excellent job we have done with local moves, long-distance moves, relocation and more.

Requesting quotes

There should be no surprises when your moving bill comes. That is why getting an accurate and free estimate is crucial to finding the right movers. At Forward Moving, we offer free estimates for all of our services so you have a clear picture of how much it costs to hire our movers on the Main Line.

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Forward Movers | The best Main Line movers

From creating that initial checklist to watching your belongings unpacked in your new place, there are so many things to keep up with on your moving day. As a family-owned and operated moving company, we want to help you have the best move possible. We value great communication and are true professionals from start to finish.

Give us a call, and together, we will make your move stress-free with our full-service moving, storage and packing services.

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