It is always difficult to move your office because of the set organization that you have in place.

The best way to begin the process of moving out of your office is to put all paperwork, technology, stationery, and miscellaneous items into their own separate organized boxes. This is the best way to make the move easier, stay organized and ensure that all files and items will be transported safely.

You will then want to pack all cords and cables away into their own boxes as well. To avoid hazards, it is important that these cords be stored away before transportation. You will then want to observe all furniture and take note of all distortions and damage to the pieces before the move. This is both for our safety and your satisfaction as some damages can create hazardous moving conditions. Once noted, consider loose cabinets or drawers that could slide or fall when moving the pieces. Notify the moving crew of these and we will take care of them.

With the office properly organized and prepared to move, your job is done and we, at Forward Moving, will take care of the rest.

As always, we’re here to help move you and the community forward.

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