The best way to move exercise equipment is to pack all weights and dumbbells in plastic or wooden bins and make sure that they are clearly marked. We are happy to move these items for you, but it is easier for all parties if the boxes are built to sustain the mass of the weights. Any weights exceeding 45 lbs. should be moved separately, meaning that we will move them individually from there present location, onto the truck, and then into their new location. Also, to avoid breaking boxes and avoiding hazards, we recommend that the weight in each box should exceed 60 lbs. to avoid bins and boxes breaking upon moving.

Other exercise equipment like a Peloton, Bench Press, Treadmill, etc. will be taken, however, we recommend that you check with the maker of the workout equipment as some pieces come with a free moving fee. This makes the move less potentially hazardous for us and easier for you because the makers of the equipment are the professionals who know the exact way to construct and deconstruct the pieces. While we are experienced with moving everything and anything, these men and women are the experts in this field. But if they do not offer free moving, we are happy to do it for you.

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